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With This Ring . . .

In 1947,  an advertising agency representing De Beers’ diamonds coined the phrase “A Diamond is Forever” and the rest is history.  It’s often said that a man should spend twice his salary on a ring, but I have a strong suspicion that’s just another marketing ploy by the diamond industry.  Which brings up my question – is there a rule that you must give a diamond?

Some of the weddings I have seen at Inn at Laurel Point a Victoria Hotel, the brides have embraced the trend to look back to antique or vintage pieces of jewellry.  Why not consider a stone that looks like a diamond, or you can choose your birthstone or stones in colors that symbolize something important to you.       


Some brides find diamonds too expected and want to stand out by wearing a different gem stone.  Other brides object to the politics associated with their mining.  Did you know that sapphires are a symbol of fidelity and the heavens while rubies represent love and passion?  Find a ring you love, a ring that hopefully you will be wearing everyday for the rest of your life.  Yes, I did just say pick out your own ring!

In Sex and The City, when Mr. Big asks Carrie if she’d like a diamond ring to seal their engagement she responds “No. Just get me a really big closet.”  She is my kind of bride.  I can think of a handful of other things I’d rather put ring money towards.  Not to say I would forego the symbol entirely, but something that is simple and beautiful – not sooo simple that there is no sparkle.  I am still a girl who writes a wedding blog for goodness sakes!