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We’re gonna stick it to ya

In a manner of speaking of course. Our newest foray into the social media world is at the ready now for you to have a poke around and take a look at some of the boards we have been busy making. 

Not going to lie that when Pinterest hit my radar and it’s popularity was “greater than YouTube and Facebook combined” I wanted to hurl myself on the floor of my office and have a tantrum – yet another social media platform to get on top of. 

After I uncurled myself from the fetal position and started to tinker with Pinterest  I quickly become hooked – took all of 5 minutes.   So if you haven’t been there yet do so – you won’t be sorry … actually perhaps you will cause this is a time burner for sure :)

Our boards (22 of them) and our pins (all 334 at the time of writing) are based on everything from soup to nuts.  Would love your feedback on what might be missing or what your favs are too.

 And in case you haven’t found us everywhere else; heres the rest of our coordinates:

 Enjoy!  And stay social.