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Wedding Politics

No, we aren’t going to discuss how to align political views before your nuptials, my expertise is weddings… with only a minor in counseling.
The politics that I want to tackle is the delicate art and applied science of managing the people involved with the wedding (read family).
Perhaps as the wedding planning gets under way, you find that your future in-laws are calling weekly with unsolicited advice on everything from your wedding night accommodations to your menu selections. Or maybe, ever since your parents offered to pay for the wedding, you feel your opinion doesn’t count.
Here’s where you take a deep breath and remember that the rest of your married life will be filled with holidays and family. You want to make smart political moves to ensure that your happily ever after truly is.
Assign those “helpful suggestion givers” specific tasks or try saying that you really appreciate their advice and opinions, but you have a very specific vision for your wedding.
imageTry not to cut out the benefactor before exhausting all your options. Find a way to express that your wedding will create your own memories, and you have a vision in mind that you hope they can realize together.
I have witnessed fleeting (and sometimes not so fleeting) moments when a bride thinks to herself “What am I getting myself into with marrying into your family” and I am here to say fear not just be upfront early on.