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Traditions or Superstitions # 2 – Flower Power

Ladies, did you ever consider walking down the aisle clutching a bundle of garlic and dill?  Well, if you are a stickler for tradition, you might want to think about it.  Until modern times, brides did carry garlic and dill.  The practice probably originated from the time of the Plague, when people clutched the herbs over their mouths just to survive.

In today’s happier times the bouquet is one of the most symbolic and treasured elements of the wedding.  Tomato, tomahto – nosegay or bouquet.  The nosegay is the first image most people hold of a bridal bouquet.  A small nosegay is a posy. 


Streaming ribbons from a bouquet is a centuries old tradition to bring good luck. The ribbons called “love knots” are tied to represent the lives that are about to be intertwined.  The beautiful flowers shown are from Verbena, one of our preferred floral suppliers for weddings at Inn at Laurel Point.