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Traditions or Superstitions # 1 – Dressing The Man

Just hosted 3 beautiful weddings at Inn at Laurel Point and the questions I heard most was “where does the boutonniere go and how do I put it on?”  Acutally I even heard one groom say “where is my mother?”  Let Laurel help!

A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men.  It is the French word for buttonhole.  Traditionally, a boutonniere was pushed through the lapel buttonhole and the stem was held in place by a loop at the back of the lapel.

These days most lapels do not have the loop so the boutonniere is simply pinned onto the jacket lapel.  The boutonniere is worn on the left side.

This classic accoutrement for men has been in and out of vogue over the years but there are ways to pair a modern suit with a flower.  A simple bud, single orchid or a sprig of lavender can be very comtemporary.  Your flower should share a common element with your lovely brides’ bouquet. 

The groomsmen’s boutonnieres should all match, but the groom’s is usually distinguished in some way to make him stand out.  Just in case we can’t figure out the guy standing by the bride is the groom?  This last part could be just tradition talking.