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Tradition or Superstition # 4 -To Toss or Not To Toss?

Today the tradition of throwing the wedding garter is down right tame in comparison to the 14th century. 

In England, guests would actually go into the wedding chamber and check the bride’s stockings for signs that the marriage had been consummated.  This charming custom was called “fingering the stockings.”

Even more fun in France where after the ceremony those cheeky French guests would rush the bride at the alter to snag a piece of her dress, which was considered a piece of good luck.   Mon dieu.


Now the bride usually wears two garters; one as a keepsake and the other to throw away.  Both garters are worn on the right leg just above the knee.  Before the removal of the garter, the bride first throws her bouquet to all the single ladies.  Cue Beyonce. Whoever catches it is supposed to marry next.

The groom removes the throw away garter from the brides leg, sometimes with his teeth or hand (my vote) while his bride is standing or sitting. As with the flowers the first man to catch the garter is supposed to marry next.