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Top 5 things to do in a hotel room…

…that won’t get you arrested!

Attention all  you weary road warriors … rejoice in the revelry that is this list!

#5   Shadow Animals - you know the drill.  After dark grab the desk light point it toward a clear space on the wall and make shapes with your hands.  With practice you’ll could take on The Rabbit , The Swan or when you’re real good and feeling ambitious how about an  Armadillo?  Lay in your own sound track and you have the makings of a great evening. Check these guys out – this website looks a little dodgy but worth the risk to see this video  :)   The Holy Grail of Shadow Puppetry

#4  Bathrobe Couture – Take that shapless bathrobe hanging in the bathroom and create a stylish garment.  Heck, you might even take Paris by Storm!

#3 Instant Mehndi – why not?  Mehndi is the Indian Art of painting patterns on your hands and feet.  Skip the henna, not an usual amenity in a hotel, and pass the coffee grounds.  Coffee also has the advantage of being less permanent.  Could be hard to explain at the a.m. breakfast meeting.

#2  Towel Origami – everyone does this one right?  Leave the cruise ship at home and D.I. Y. Like everything worthwhile, towel origami, takes time to perfect.  So go for it and bring out your innner Monkey.

#1 Sugar Zen Garden – Ta da…great hey!!  I’ve always wanted a zen garden.  Grab the sugar packages and a fork from your yummy Inn Room Dining experience and off you go. 

But here is the clincher…make your design simple like waves with a circle in the middle on a a saucer . 

Then place it in an auspicious corner…

  • Wealth – South East corner
  • Fame – South
  • Success – North…ahem, meeting planners you’ll want to note this one.
  • Love – South West..attention all wedding couples

Big shout out to Marcus Weeks who wrote a whole book on things to do in your hotel room.  You are the master!!

If you decide to take on any of these suggestions send me a photo – I’d love to see and I’ll share with everyone.  Until then…

Stay Different