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Top 3 things to do for Valentines in Victoria, B.C.

So February, a.k.a. ‘The Month of Love’ is just around the corner, and with that I’m already starting to get a little sentimental / cheesy /romantic / gushy, you know the drill.  Listening to my favorite love songs,  day dreaming about scenes from my fav Rom-Com (mostly Ryan Gosling in The Notebook), and all of thee things got me thinking about love – not just ‘here’s a box of chocolates, you’re kinda cute.’  Real, full blown, makes your knees quake, stomach flip, head spin, LOVE.

£££ RYAN GOSLING stars as Noah Calhoun and RACHEL MCADAMS as Allie Hamilton in the Nick Cassavetes directed romantic drama, 'The Notebook-786306.'

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.  There is the new sparkle of love with that special someone you have just started dating.  There is the deep and inexplicable love for you new born child.  Love can be steadfast and strong, aged to perfection like a fine red wine over 50 years of marriage.  There is the love you feel when someone you know has beat an illness and the list of love goes on and on.  What I’m getting at is love is all around us, and it deserves to be celebrated!

This February, in the name of love, skip the conventional.  Get out and do something that will continue to ignite that spark or remind your sweetie of that spark.  Show a friend how much you truly care.  Really celebrate the love that you share with others.

Here are my top three examples, but remember, whatever you do, do it with your whole heart.

  • Dance Lessons where you can rid yourselves of your two left feet
  • Cooking Class for a new cuisine you both would like to learn how to cook, or
  • Heat it up with a bubble bath for two!

With Love,


Listening to some love songs with the sun shining on me in the Japanese Garden at the most beautiful wedding venue in Victoria, B.C.