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Time Honored Tradition or Silly Superstition?

In the shadow of the multibillion-dollar wedding machine, it can be hard to tell real tradition from a made-up sales pitch.  Without question, the wedding industry has piled on the notion of paying to preserve tradition, when in fact, many of those high-priced traditions, such as the diamond engagement ring, don’t go back much further than the 1920’s.

Nonetheless, some traditions are real.  And like anything many traditions have evolved from old ideas that we may see as a little strange today.  For years, the joining of a bride and groom and the idea of starting a new life together, has been viewed as such an important development that a great deal of superstition has cropped up around weddings. 

The series of blogs to follow will look at many of our common practices, customs, traditions and supersititions.

  • Custom - habitual practice of a community, established usage
  • Tradition – practices passed from generation to generation
  • Superstition – a belief based on irrational fears and marked by a trust or reverance for charms, omens or signs.

                  FYI – Tossing the bride for good luck is a silly superstition!