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Things are getting spicy ’round here

Our little Victoria BC Hotel has sure gotten alot spicier over the last couple of day with the move in of 25 amazing gingerbread creations.  Not just houses either we have everything from blue crabs, to a clock that actually keeps time!

These creations are made by some very inn-spired bakers, both professional and amateur.  Some start in August, if you can believe that, and others put their creation together over a long weekend. 

All of this hard work and artistic focus comes together to raise awareness and funds for Habitat for Humanity Victoria.  This amazing organization believes in housing for all, human dignity, partnership, diversity, and inclusiveness.  And in the end, they work with community partners to help build affordable homes for purchase by local hard working, low-income families.  Seriously does it get any better than that?

We are very proud to be able to support this amazing charity and continue our community give back in our own special way. As an independant and locally owned hotel this fits right in with our core values and fits with our appetite for fun!

Check out our Facebook album, I put up lots more photos of these amazing creations.  Have a look and let us know which is your favorite.

Stay spicy!