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Thank You Notes: TYN 101

My mum was right- but don’t tell her I said that…

The most important part of a thank you note is that it is hand written. Show that you’ve put time and care into your note. In 4 -5 sentences make your message personal and be sure to:

  • Thank the guest for the gift whether material or immaterial (shower hostess, wedding attendant etc…)
  • Tell them how you’ll use it – if you aren’t sure yet… use your imagination “Thank you for our parfait glasses, they will look terrific at our next dinner party” – meanwhile you’re Googling parfaits
  • Mention how nice it was or will be to see/meet them at the wedding

*If you’ve already returned/exchanged their gift thank them for the item, then focus your creative writing on seeing them at the wedding or your next visit.

Remember the note doesn’t have to be long, just genuine.