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The ‘no sweat’ speed dating event


Rest assured, when we use the terminology of Speed Dating, we refer only to the style of our next amazing event.

For the Love of Chocolate, a trifecta of perfection.  Chocolate, Penthouse and Wine.  Seriously not sure if it gets any better than this.

Here is out list of how too’s for this speed dating affair:

  • Approach with the proper attitude – ah yeah, like relaxed and ready to have some fun
  • Prepare for your speed dating event – get your ‘always wanted to know list’ going.  Like where do the best beans come from anyways?
  • List of traits you find desirable – sweet, strong and handsome…hang on, sorry, wrong list.   70+% dark, a bit of a bite and melt-ability
  • Dress the part – lets face it your in our penthouse suite – cocktail dress time!
  • Respect time constraints – hunkering down and your fav station and refusing to move will be frowned upon.  We will have security on site to remove any trouble makers.

Tuesday, November 19th 7;30pm

Tickets are $60 ~ call 250-414-6739 to get yours today!