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Something Borrowed

  Apparently some brides are saying “I do” to the idea of renting a wedding dress.  At first, my inner wedding diva was alarmed but the more I research the idea the more I am “being sold.”  Really, once the big day is over, what do you do with the dress?  Yes some gowns are passed down to daughters, and a few can be made into an evening dress, but most are simply packaged and put into a closet. 

Will we see a rented dress at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria BC Hotel this season? Maybe, but who would know and that’s pretty awesome right?  The trend of renting a once-loved wedding dress is taking off as brides realize that someone wore the dress only once, that the dress is still beautiful and stylish and the dress can be made their own.  New wedding dresses can cost anywhere from $200 to $10,000 for a designer dress,or $400,000 if you are marrying a future king.  According to Wedding Bells the average cost is $1.093, while a rental dress can average $400 and usually includes dry cleaning.


Men have been renting tuxedos for years so why should a bride have reservations about renting a wedding dress.  Why not save some money, money that could be put towards your first house or that romantic honeymoon you’ve imagined.


But if you decide renting is not your style – why wear the dress just once?  Inn at Laurel Point will work with your photographer for a post wedding shoot that is fun and memorable.  ”Trash the Dress” is an opportunity to wear your dress again but wear it in the pond located in our private Japanese garden. 

In the end let’s remember that all eyes are usually on the bride during the ceremony and reception, and no one knows (or cares) whether the dress is designer or gently used, as long as the bride looks happy and ravishing!