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Pssst: read on for some Innsider information

It’s true, we love it when you come to stay and we hope you feel good, too, helping to support a locally owned and operated business. To show our gratitude, we’ve just launched Innsiders, a new loyalty program that’s as unique as you are.

There’s no cost of join and members of Innsiders are eligible to receive a barrage of awesomeness whenever they stay at the Inn at Laurel Point, including early check in and late check out, priority room selection, a choice of newspapers delivered to your door in the morning, penalty-free same-day 5 p.m. cancellation, storage of personal belongings between visits and rewards based on number of stays. 

Think about it: no longer will you have to worry about lugging those golf clubs back and forth from your home to your home away from home. Not to mention you can linger, guilt free, in bed over the morning newspaper just a liiiiittle bit longer.

But wait, there’s more!

As part of the Innsiders program, for every 10 nights you stay with us, we’ll treat you to a $50 gift card to one of more than 25 retail outlets, restaurants and attractions. There’s even more perks when you hit 30, 50 and 100 nights with us… and if you have something in mind that would keep you coming back from more, we want to hear about it! We’re on Twitter (@ILPVictoria) and Facebook (Inn at Laurel Point).

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