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Paranormal activity at the Inn?

With Halloween just around the corner, I’d say the time is right for a spooky tale or two.

Way back in 1938 (when, for your trivia buffs, the average loaf of bread cost a mere nine cents), a gent by the name of Paul Arsens established Paul’s Restaurants Ltd. in Victoria, BC. Paul and his wife Artie were somewhat trendsetters in the hospitality industry, owning and operating a number of local restaurants and even a motor inn. But it wasn’t until 1980 (when bread skyrocketed to 48 cents apiece) when Paul and Artie purchased the Inn at Laurel Point and started to transform our hotel into what it is today.

Paul and Artie lived and breathed the Inn until they passed away in 1997 and 2008, respectively. But that wouldn’t be the last we would see of the dynamic duo… No siree.

Employee folklore here at the Inn is that the spirits of Paul and Artie still linger in their favourite hotel. It’s not unusual for our office lights to turn on and off without explanation or for cold chills to whoosh around the storage rooms. But what really convinced us of these ghostly guests was a story that happened just a few years back…

A family was staying at the Inn at Laurel Point. The little girl had a brand new camera and was, as expected, taking a zillion photographs. Once home, the girl’s mom was looking through the photos and spotted one with a seagull and the shadow of a man. When asked who the guy was, the girl, puzzled, responded that there wasn’t a man present at the photoshoot – just her and the bird. The mother, familiar with Paul’s appearance, forwarded me the photo, noting the uncanny resemblance. Naturally, goosebumps ensued.

So what about you? Any creepy tales or ghostly happenings? Tell us!

With ghostly regards,