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Our newest employee is a little… furry.

If you haven’t yet heard, we just hired a new employee here at the Inn at Laurel Point. And with deep brown eyes (and a rather long snout), some are calling him a major heartbreaker.


Dreamy brown eyes and a wet nose... what's not to love?


Cliff, a four-month-old chocolate lab, joins the Inn’s 150-plus staff as the official ambassador of the pet program. And with duties that include testing dog beds for softness and treats for freshness, we’re thinking this pup has just landed the best gig in the city.

For the next few months, Cliff will charm staff and guests alike with his exuberance and slobbery kisses. And down the road, visitors will be allowed to take this guy on walks around Victoria.

As always, guests are still allowed to bring their own furry family members to the Inn (for more on our pet programs, visit Keep following our blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed (@ILPVictoria) for updates on Cliff!

Oh… and did we mention that Cliff has his own email account? If you have any questions, comments or cat jokes, email him at


Have a question for the pooch? Email him!