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One step closer to solving photo album mystery

Remember the lost photo album story we posted in late-February? Well, today we’re happy to report that we’re one step closer to finding its original owner!

Sleuthing specialist Melanie Arscott, president of the Victoria Genealogical Society, quickly came to our aid after we requested help in finding the owner of this precious family keepsake. Melanie focused her efforts on one particular photo, taken in Montreal, Quebec.

Molly Whitelaw with some friends

First, Melanie found Marjorie’s obituary in a Nova Scotia newspaper. Using its information and the help of a friend, she next tracked down Molly, who is now 84 and an artist living in Victoria. After a quick telephone call, Molly confirmed Melanie’s suspicions that she was the woman pictured in the album alongside Marjorie and Jean.

As Molly’s story unfolded, more of the people featured  in the album were identified. Her father, a Scottish native, first came to Canada after being recruited by the Grand Trunk Railway (now Canada’s largest freight railroad, the Canadian National Railway). And with Molly’s father came several other Scottish engineers, including Jimmy Stark (pictured in the album) and Bert Anderson (whose son, Drew Anderson, is also pictured in the album).

Drew Anderson


And while there is still one major mystery yet to be answered (just who is this David Stark, the man whose name is inscribed on the inside cover of the album and the suspected owner of the teal-coloured book), we’re excited to meet with both Molly and Melanie today over tea and learn more about this family’s history.

We’ll keep you posted as new developments are made. Today we are having Tea with Molly right here at Inn at Laurel Point.  If you have any leads, please send me a tweet (@ILPVictoria) or contact Melanie directly at 250-360-2808.

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