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Nothing fishy about it – Finest at Sea is pretty awesome

As an employee of a carbon-neutral and locally-owned hotel, nothing turns my crank more than forming partnerships in the name of bettering our community with other awesome, likeminded businesses.

Enter stage left: Finest at Sea.

For you who read Monday’s BBC story about our world’s oceans being in serious decline, you probably know how important it is to support sustainable fishing practices. Finest at Sea, our neighbour in James Bay, Victoria, is Canada’s only provider of 100 per cent known-origin sustainable seafood – meaning that you can find out when, where and even how that delicious BC Side Stripe Shrimp made its way from his/her ocean bungalow to your plate. (Lost your appetite?)

Bob Fraumeni, the owner of Finest at Sea and a local fisherman himself, is a pretty forward-thinking guy, having been an advocate for sustainable fisheries since the ’70s. (To all you young whippersnappers, that was the same era that Elton John came on the scene and Rocky was released: “Yo, Adrian Rocket Man! It’s me, Rocky.” Anyone? No? Ugh, crickets.)

We’re also pleased to announce that Finest at Sea, once again, is set to supply our annual Sips and Seafood event with all the ocean-goodies you can possibly imagine, from smoked salmon, tuna and fresh oysters to crab, scallops, hand-peeled shrimp, mussels and more. (And for those who have yet to experience Sips and Seafood, this is our annual culinary flagship event and part of the Vancouver Island food and wine festival, Taste: Victoria’s Festival of Food and Wine).

If you’re interested in buying a ticket to attend our event (at Inn at Laurel Point July 22, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.) and sample a range of delicious seafood by Finest at Sea while you meander through the hand-tended Japanese gardens at our Oceanside hotel, visit or drop by our front desk (tickets are a steal at $99 clams each). Want more info about Sips and Seafood or Taste? You can read more deets in our previous blogpost.)

And a reminder to those coming from out of town for the event – we’re a pet friendly hotel, too!

Fish different,

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