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Let them eat candy corn!

For two wedding seasons now, we have served breakfast for dinner. Why you might ask? It turns out that breakfast is the couple’s favorite meal, and really who doesn’t love an amazing benny?!

Aura Breakfast

So it stands to reason that if couples incorporate special foods into their weddings, they would also consider incorporating their most hallowed holidays… like Halloween?!

Maybe you don’t want to serve your guests pancakes at 7pm, but if Halloween is your favorite holiday then bring on the fun size candy bars!

This is the part of the blog where I’d tell you about an amazing Halloween inspired wedding that took place here at the Inn at Laurel Point and share fantastic photos, well guess what – we need to have a Halloween wedding!

Though it would take more than my usual Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo to pull off a Halloween wedding for 2012, Off Beat Bride’s amazing Monday Montage blog post will have to tie us over until October 31, 2013. So grab the Halloween candy you bought to “give to the kids” that supposedly knock on your 15th floor, doorman secured condo and enjoy! (oops that might just be me)