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Last Friday at the Inn was much cooler than that Rebecca Black song

As we posted earlier, last Friday we met with Molly Whitelaw Reid — an 84-year-old artist currently living in Victoria, BC who is pictured in the forgotten photo album. Joining us at the meeting was Melanie Arscott (she’s technically the president of the Victoria Genealogical Society, but we’ve given her the honorary title of Head Sleuth here at the Inn at Laurel Point) and a slew of media (watch the A News’ clip here or read the Times Colonist story here).

Meeting Molly and Melanie was a true delight and it was amazing to sit with them as more of the story began to unfold. I was blown away by the information Melanie had uncovered about Molly’s life and the work done at the Victoria Genealogical Society. (For those who aren’t familiar, VGS is a non-profit volunteer society that aims to further the study of genealogy, helping people search for their ancestors and family history). If you’re interested in dropping by, the resource centre is open six days a week and is located at 947 Alston Street. And don’t think, like I did, that your ancestors have to be located in Victoria — they’ll help you find family from all over the world. Cool!

Below are a selection of the photos we took during our tea. We’ll keep you posted on new developments (and we expect there to be more shortly — Melanie tells us that she has a bunch of new leads to follow up on!).

The lovely Molly Whitelaw Reid. In the mysterious album, she is pictured as a young teenager.

Molly brought along some of her own momentos to help Melanie with her hunt.

Here, Molly is showing me some of the photos and newspaper clippings that she brought along.

The media turnout was great!

The man in the front of the album (who we thought was David Stark) is actually Jimmy Stark! The photo on the left is the one Molly brought — compare the man on the far right and you have a match!

Melanie’s sleuthing skills were incredible. She even found Molly’s baptism record!

As Molly went through the album, she recognized more and more people — helping Melanie with her search.

Molly has a wicked sense of humour…

If you have any leads on this incredible story, please send me a tweet (@ILPVictoria) or contact Melanie directly at 250-360-2808.

Stay different…