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Inn at Laurel Point on the hunt for owner of forgotten photo album

Over the years, here at the hotel we have  had our fair share of strange items left behind in our guest rooms. Some of the most memorable ones include a prosthetic leg (with its shoe still left on), a set of dentures, a urine sample and a slew of, ahem, unmentionables. But one keepsake, a photo album containing 203 black and white images, some dating to 1914, has weighed heavy on our minds for the past 30 years.

Front Cover of our mysteriously left behind photoalbum


Hotel lore has it that the book was discovered by housekeeping. In the days before the Internet and widespread computer use, staff couldn’t locate the owner and so the album sat on a shelf here at the Inn at Laurel Point for the past three decades. We’d love to get this book back into the hands of the family it belongs to and, in posting this blog, hoping someone out there might have a lead on its owner.

Inscriptions in the teal-coloured album bound with red string are mostly of locations in Scotland, such as Glen Coe and Cambuslang.

Some notable characters in the album include a cat named Blinkie and a Mrs Turner who also seems to go by Aunt Helen.

Aunt Helen


But what really tugs at your heartstrings is the amount of care that went into creating this book. Someone carefully inscribed captions on nearly all the photos. It’s easy to see that there are a lot of important memories catalogued in this album: a wedding, a prisoner of war being welcomed home, the first ride on a motorcycle…

If you have any leads on who this photo album belongs to (or any tips on how to find the owner), please contact me at 250-414-6731 or To claim the book, you’ll be asked a few identifying characteristics.

We also want to hear from you if you have any great stories on items you’ve left behind at a hotel. (To embarrassed to post them here? Email me and I’ll do it on your behalf.)

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