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I Do’s and No You Don’t's

What I am sharing are things to do and not to do at a wedding.  Some of the information comes from professional etiquette godesses’s Martha and Emily and other tidbits come from what I have learned from planning weddings.  So, if you are attending a wedding at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria BC Hotel this year, read and remember.    

Respect the wedding invitation – if you can bring a guest the invitation will read Ms Laurel Point and Guest.  A guest is not a child or a dog or a child with a dog.  If small things are not invited this is not the time to question the couples decision. Do not add their names to the reply card and do not show up with them anyway.                                      

During the ceremony be on your best behavior. Dress according to the location, time of day and level of formality.  Arrive early, don’t leave the location and parking to chance.  Turn off you cell phone during the ceremony.  Enjoy yourself and engage with other guests.   

If your event will not include a full meal, it is courteous to inform your guests.  Use phrasing on the invitation such as “and afterward for cocktails” instead of the classic “at the reception.”  This comes from personal experience and having to deal with “the date” who on the way home has to stop at McDonald’s.  You can however be sure, that weddings at Inn at Laurel Point, do include the full meal deal.                                

Stick to using table numbers.  Pictures of famous couples, your travel photos, or names of your favorite movies are hard to see from across the room.  I’ve heard many a complaint by guests at weddings when they have to search for their table.                                         


Do not alter place cards or switch tables. You should be cordial and sit where the bride and groom have designated.  Introduce yourself to your tablemats and share how you know the couple and enjoy yourself.  

Please no speculation about the bride and groom’s ”big night.”  If you want to talk about what a big night it is, focus on what is already happening. Compliment the beautiful room and view at Inn at Laurel Point, the flowers, and the great time you are having.  No innuendos allowed.     

And another “I Do” for any couple, which is gracious and a welcome gesture, is to thank the hotel staff particularly if they contribued to a memorable day for you and your guests