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I Do For Two

Well who says couples don’t elope, we created our Elopement Package a month ago and we have had two elopements already!

I was pleased to work with a couple who wanted to get away and do something special for themselves and then celebrate with the whole family later.  They chose a quiet corner of our Japanese Garden as their spot to be married.  And I was privilaged to be be a witness for another couple who despite having been together 20 years felt like the time was right.  They were married in their suite overlooking the harbour.

Both couples felt welcomed by our colleagues at Inn at Laurel Point, both ceremonies were officiated with grace and true to my inner romantic I admit to a happy tear (or two) and quiet sniffle for both couples.

It isn’t always about fitting yourself into a white dress and smiling all night for your crazy friends and relatives. It is about what is right for you and what your heart tells you to do.  Inn at Laurel Point has something for all hearts.