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Hold onto your garter for our soon-to-launch wedding blog

Here at Inn at Laurel Point, proud to be a Victoria hotel, we know weddings.

As one of the West Coast’s top go-to wedding destinations, our event managers are, well, know-it-alls. Not only do they stay up on all the trends by attending numerous tradeshows, liaising with other wedding professionals and reading thousands of on- and offline articles (you should see the stack of magazines in the corner of the office), but they’ve really seen and done it all, from hosting intimate ceremonies to throwing extravagant affairs (and, of course, everything in between).


And as a trusted weddings resource, our events team gets many questions from brides and grooms, asking anything from what the season’s hottest colours are to where one should seat that overbearing mother-in-law at the reception. I’ve often wondered how I could turn this wealth of information into something that’s useful for all brides- and grooms-to-be, and not just clients. And then, as I sat drinking my mid-day latte the other day, it hit me: why not launch a blog that’s all about weddings?

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our new blog: It’s Inn the Details (snappy name, huh?), written by no other than Laurel. Laurel is a 30-something Type A event manager who just looooves weddings (well, as long as she doesn’t get cake icing on her Chanel pantsuit). 

What should you expect from our new blog?

è Videos, photos and music clips (oh my)

Brides and grooms already know that the decisions associated with throwing that big day ceremony are endless: will the invitations be on heavy cardstock with hand-scripted calligraphy, or on a DVD with an animated love story? For the first dance, should they waltz to Etta James’ At Last, or shuffle to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? And for the cake, will they spring for a four-tiered fondant masterpiece, or go for whimsical cupcakes? Add these choices with a saturated Internet, packed with videos, photos and music clips, and we just might have a bride- or groom-zilla on our hands. To make it easy for our gentle readers, Laurel’s going to put in the legwork: trawling the web and sharing her top wedding finds.

è Trends (both the upcoming and the passé)

In the wedding industry, trends move faster than you can toss a tulip bouquet (just look back to mom’s wedding dress: helloooo high collars, lace sleeves and other fashion faux pas that’d raise the eyebrow of any 2012 bride). From sustainable, Earth-friendly nuptials to breezy photo shoots against a Pacific Ocean backdrop, Laurel will keep you up-to-date on the hottest dresses, themes, décor and more. 

è Questions from the soon-to-wed

How much should brides tip their hairstylist? Can one ask their vegan bridesmaid to BHOD (bring her own dinner)? And just how uncouth is a cash bar? All these questions (and more) will be answered by Laurel. And if you have a query that needs a response, feel free to leave her a comment on this blog and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on an upcoming blog! (Anonymity is guaranteed, too!)

è A whole lotta fun

The road to getting married is fraught with emotions, stress, happiness and, best of all, fun. On the new blog, Laurel promises to light up readers’ days with posts that’ll make them smile, chuckle and even give out a good ole’ belly laugh. And if you have any ideas on how you think this blog could be even better, we’re 100 per cent receptive to new ideas and post themes.

I hope you’ll join me in giving Laurel a warm welcome and I look forward to seeing you over on It’s Inn the Details. Mazel tov!

Wed different,