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Here’s $50…Buy A Ladder

As wedding season is upon us, it important to remember to plan a wedding that suits you – not all weddings have to be big and flashy. We often have couples marry up in a suite with just their nearest & dearest…

Here’s a oldie but a goodie, originally published in August 2012

Here’s $50…Buy A Ladder

Something my dear dad would joke about constantly with my sister and I.  He was fond of saying “who needs a big wedding, all you need is $50 and a ladder.”  Insert hearty laughter.   Apparently in the good old days the $50 was to cover travel expenses and a marriage license.  The ladder was what the groom needed to retrieve his bride from her bedroom window while her parents slept.

While my job at Inn at Laurel Point is to sell weddings I certainly do not think of eloping as a bad thing.  In fact, I find the idea of running off and eloping just as romantic and kind of old fashioned.  In a good way of course, not to mention cheap.

So if a big wedding is not one of your childhood dreams and you and your fiancee decide that eloping is the right option for you, consider these tips to avoid some of the guilt – think of it as having your wedding cake and eating it too.

  • Have a ceremony for the two of you, but throw a reception for all your friends and family.
  • Hire a photographer to come with you then send out great pictures of the I Do’s with a cheeky wedding announcement.
  • Elope now but make plans for a blowout ten year anniversary party.  You might even include a note with your wedding announcement saying something like “our wedding day was just the two of us, but we hope you’ll come celebrate when it make to ten years.”

Inn at Laurel Point doesn’t supply the ladder but we have created an Elopement Package  lovingly called “I Do For Two.”   The package includes two nights in a suite with a patio overlooking the beautiful outer harbour, services of a wedding commissioner, flowers, a signature wedding cake created by our Pastry Chef, and bubbles to toast.  Not to mention a roomy soaker tub, rose petal turn down, personalized bathrobes, breakfast in bed and a late check out.

As for the $50 and a ladder, regardless if you have a lavish wedding (call me) or runaway together,  $50 and a ladder makes for a great gift and a wonderful story.