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Grooms Do Make Passes at Brides Who Wear Glasses


Do I or Don’t I … wear glasses on my wedding day?  My thought is your glasses are YOU, and you wouldn’t be you on your wedding day, without them.  And lucky you, because your man proposed to the beautiful girl wearing the glasses.

Up until this year a bride in glasses at Inn at Laurel Point, a Victoria hotel has been a rare sight!  But I just love seeing girls who rock out their specs and frankly don’t you want to be able to see on your wedding day?


So which is more important, appearance or comfort?  Well frames are a part of your face so you could stick with your glasses and add some dramatic eye makeup.  Or look at the glasses as a part of your wedding ensemble.  Get a funky new pair to play up your “inner 4 -eyed goddess,” or coordinate them with your dress, your flowers, or try understated frameless lenses that barely show.

Every bride wants to look like the most beautiful version of themselves on their day.  If you have only ever known yourself with glasses and that is how you feel most natural or comfortable then why not wear them.  I found so many gorgeous brides to share on this blog that clearly you do not need to bow to someone else’s idea of beautiful being a bride wearing contact lenses.  

So ladies … embrace your bad vision and say “I Do” to your glasses, just remember to use waterproof mascara.