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Free tix to Sips ’n Seafood Festival!

Well, the Sips ’n Seafood Festival is less than two weeks away and we are feeling generous. We are giving away a pair of tickets for all our blog followers and tweeps – but you have to win em.

Follow our Twitter stream @ILPVictoria and blog for clues, and if you are the first person to come up with the correct answer, voila, you’re in like Flynn! But please, leave all that swashing and buckling at home – we run a classy ship.

We’ll release a clue a day for five days, so think quick.

Here’s our first clue: There’s a distant cousin out front of 533 1/2 in Chinatown. Don’t knock! They don’t know the answer inside.

Please post your answers in our blog comments below. Good luck!

Guess different!


Photo credit: “you buys your ticket” by Hryck. @ Creative Commons.