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Culinary Team Canada Benefit in Victoria

Inn at Laurel Point is so stoked to have two of our chefs on Team Canada for the International Culinary Olympics. Not only is Exec Chef Brad Horen the team captain, but Exec Sous Chef Patrick Gayler is also on the team. And, yeah, I guess that’s not the Team Canada photo to the left, but our chefs will be in Edmonton for a team practice. And the Canadian flag is on their uniforms…

Turns out these competitors train almost as hard as downhill skiers. As Chef Horen helps his team develop the perfect menu and recipes, he coaches them on speed, creativity and perfectionism.

On Friday, July 17th we are holding a shindig to help raise funds  for the team as they prepare to go to Luxembourg for the 2010 competition. Sips ’n Seafood is not just a great night out with awesome food, craft wines and brews and a night by the ocean. Oh no, it’s also a way to help Team Canada bring home the gold for the second year running.

Some lucky reader will win our contest for two tickets to Sips ’n Seafood. Each day we post a clue in this space, as well as on Twitter. Be the first to identify this local “celebrity,” and the tickets are yours!

Now, are you ready for today’s clue?

Clue #2 Half of me is a backpacker’s hostel.

Post your guesses in the comments box below.

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Photo credit: “Men’s Gold Medal: Canada vs. USA” by s.yume @ Creative Commons.