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A Christmas Wedding?


Although Christmas or New Year’s Weddings are not for everyone, if you love the holiday season, there are great advantages to having a wedding around Christmas time.


Whether you have your ceremony at a church or a hotel like ours, you won’t have to worry about spending lots of money on decor – venues like these really “do it up” for the season and often have the decorations up as early as late November.

holiday 2

Another advantage to a holiday wedding is that most of your guests will have time off around that time and if your wedding is in your hometown, friends & family will be home for the holidays.

Weddings make for great parties, so why not have a New Year’s Eve Wedding  and invite your nearest and dearest to celebrate your union and the New Year.

nye nye wedding

Plus,  a winter wedding gives you a reason to wear fur – faux or otherwise!


 winter wedding