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And the caption winner is…

Wow this one was tricky – all of your comments were so clever.  That is why I left the choosing up to Ruby’s dad.  Chris Jones is our Food and Beverage Director and most importantly Ruby’s dad.  When Chris is here at the Inn so is Ruby.  This twosome arrive together everyday, it is really so cute.  Check out this short video clip we did -  A Day in Life of Ruby.

So, Evan Norris, I hope that you have a furry friend at home or know someone that does cause we have a dozen of Chef Ito’s Inn-baked Doggie Cookies on their way to your place.  And, if that wasn’t enough to mark your quick wit and sharp intelligence (wink), we would also like to waive the pet fee for your next stay at our  Victoria, BC Hotel with a four- legged friend.

Evan’s caption read:

I know it doesn’t go with my eyes, it doesn’t stop me from smiling!

Nice work Evan!!

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