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And the answer is…Ocean Pearl!

F.V. Ocean Pearl

The correct answer to our Sips ’n Seafood contest is Ocean Pearl, and the winner of two tickets is David Alexander of Victoria. We ran the same contest for our hotel colleagues and the winner is staffer Beau Nelson. Congrats you two on thinking differently!

Just ten minutes after David sent in his guess, Benjamin Frances sent a correct entry. He will receive a gift certificate for AURA waterfront + patio here at Inn at Laurel Point. Thanks to all our followers and tweeps who played along. There are still a few tickets left, so call our front desk if you want to go.

The F.V. Ocean Pearl is the largest of Finest at Sea’s fishing vessels, and will be used to catch some of the wonderful seafood you’ll enjoy at the Sips ‘n Seafood Festival this Friday night. At 130′ long and 400,000 lbs, she’s a sight to see!

Interestingly enough, parallel 54°40? is where FAS vessels do much of their fishing. The band 54.40 pays homage to the F.V. Ocean Pearl in their hit song.

The band’s name originates from the Oregon Boundary Dispute of 1844, when President James K. Polk sought to extend Oregon County up to the 40th parallel, just south of the Alaska-Russia boundary. The campaign slogan was “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!” Polk later compromised at the 49th parallel.

Well that’s different.

Here’s a link to the song Ocean Pearl by 54-40.