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6 Top To Do’s with no footprints

This is an auspicious day here at the Inn, not only is it Feb. 29 (who doesn’t love a leap year) but it is also the last day of our Month of Love!  Boy have we had fun . 

As I reflect on all the fun we have had over this last Month of Love (4,000 notes on love on pillows, provided 29 days worth of quotes on our reader boards, served up a whopping 10 pounds of cinnamon hearts, 3 pounds of candy message hearts and over 400 red heart shaped lollipops) I can’t help but consider our LOVE of the environment that we enhabit here at our Victoria BC hotel.

And can you blame us for being so vain?  Our guests and community  enjoy one of the most scenic, pristine settings in the world – and we want to keep it that way.  That is why being BC’s first and only carbon neutral hotel  is as much a part of our culture as our stunning locale.

We believe the environment needs more friends so I would LOVE to take this opportunity to highlight some of the amazing enviromentally friendly partners we work with  every day.

  1. Silk Road - okay arguably THE tea & skin care retail and spa in Victoria, specializing only in organic and sustainable product.   We are just so darn proud to partner with them to bring our Erickson Wing guests an amazing amenity package using essential confier oils ethically harvested from the Great Bear Rainforest, right here in BC
  2. * Eagle Wing Whale Watching – there are  many tour operators to provide whale watching in Victoria but this one really stands out.  Canada’s first Carbon Neutral Eco Whale Watching Tour company! Click here to see a package we run with them.
  3. *Harbour Air Seaplanes - If you have not been on a seaplane I would highly recommend it, super efficient, quite economical and handsome pilots (not that I am saying).  And they are North America’s first carbon neutral airline.  Say no more.
  4. * Shaw Ocean Discovery Center an aquarium of the Salish Sea.  Not only is this a premium experience these folks are deeply committed to the education and protection of the environment.
  5. * Helijet – Bucket list item to fly in a helicopter?  You bet so go get busy.   Helijet works with Pacific Carbon Trust to offset green house gas emissions with programs focused around BC specifically.
  6. * Ocean River Adventures - if you have been kayaking or would ever consider it these are the fine folks to set off with.  They are have a very experienced and committed team to guide you on any number of tour options and frankly no better way to experience the enviroment in an up close and personal manner.  We are proud to partner with these guys and bring you Victoria’s 150th Anniversary Package


So there you have it.  Go forth, leave no footprints and have a blast.

Live different!