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5 Top Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

Chocolate bar

Okay, so hold on, ’cause this list is about to give you a whole new lease on life!

  1. Chocolate reduces the risk of heart attack…fact, blood platelets clump together more slowly in chocolate eaters, ergo preventing blood clots.
  2. Chocolate helps with math!  Who knew?  Flavanols help people with mental math.  Studies show (and who’s questioning) that people had an easier time counting backwards from random numbers.  Cool
  3. Chocolate is good for your skin.  Flavanoids found in dark chocolate protect skin from UV rays according to German scientists – we love German scientists.
  4. Chocolate prevents cancer Chocolate contains pentamer which disrupts cancer cells ability to spread.  Disrupting cancer cells is the best!
  5. Chocolate will make you live longer.  Jeanne Louise Calment lived to age 122.  Guess how she did that?  No really guess.  She ate 2.5 pounds of dark chocolate per week.  Harvard researchers found eating chocolate actually adds two years to your life expectancy.  And no one ever argues with Harvard right?

So there you have it folks – today’s lesson – eat more chocolate.

And we can help you with that.  Check out our upcoming For the Love of Chocolate Event taking place on November 19th at 7:30.  Life lengthening information can be found here.